Higher Aims

The Higher Aims program was created in 1991 by the Westchester Clubmen Foundation to provide early constructive educational intervention in the lives of young African-American men from economically disadvantaged families. Today, Higher Aims, an after-school program, serves nearly 100 African-American and Latino young men in Westchester County, specifically in the White Plains Middle and High Schools and Albert Leonard Middle School in New Rochelle.

Nearly 300 young men - or "Young Clubmen," as they are often called - have benefited from receiving educational support and other life-enrichment lessons. Taught by passionate educators, and supported by the local school boards, the young men get extra tutoring, mentoring and comraderie, in an environment that is conducive to their growth. They visit area museums, attend local functions and go on college tours to expand their opportunities for higher education.

The Clubmen host career days with each group to share their experiences and insights, which encourage the young men to expand their ideas about future professions.

The program is a true partnership between the young men, the Clubmen, school districts, local youth bureaus and parents. The latter component is essential. Parents must commit to being active supporters of their son's efforts, including attending scheduled parents meetings and communicating with the Higher Aims program leaders.

Results? In almost all cases, grades have improved dramatically for young men in Higher Aims. Ninety percent of the young men graduate and attend colleges throughout the nation and many are employed within their home communities.

The Clubmen are extremely proud of Higher Aims. And even more so of the young men who have benefited most.

Our Young Men. Our Future.