Founders Tribute Gala The Westchester Clubmen Higher Aims after-school program is primarily supported by an annual fund-raising event. On Friday, June 10, 2011, the Clubmen celebrated their 52nd Anniversary with a inspirational Gala in New Rochelle, NY. Benefits of all the Westchester Clubmen Founders' Galas go directly to the Westchester Clubmen Foundation, whose sole beneficiary is the Higher Aims program.

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Higher Aims Graduation

A special recognition known as “Transition to Manhood” is bestowed upon the young men who are graduating from high school. They are lauded by the Clubmen, parents and the community; additionally, they are awarded a sash symbolizing the community bond and support which will enable them to reach their own Higher Aims.

The 2012 Founders' Gala to celebrate the Foundation of Westchester Clubmen's 53rd Anniversary will take place Friday, June 8th at Beckwith Pointe in New Rochelle, NY.

The Gala will honor:

The 2011 Foundation of Westchester Clubmen Founders' Gala

2011 Honorees:

The 2010 Westchester Clubmen Annual Founders' Tribute Gala

On June 4, 2010, The Westchester Clubmen celebrated three stellar honorees at its historic Founders' Gala. They were:
Dr. Bennie Chiles III, Neurosurgeon
Current Clubman, Dr. Chiles is a renowned neurosurgeon based in the Westchester area. He received the “Clubmen” Award for his long dedication to the Foundation and his service to those in need.

Foundation of Westchester Clubmen 50th Year Anniversary Celebration 

2009 Honorees:

The 2008 Founders' Tribute Dinner benefiting The Higher Aims "Clubmen" Program

Honorees of the 2008 Dinner:

The Louis R. Cappelli Foundation: Founded in 1999 by Louis R. Cappelli, the Louis R. Cappelli Foundation is a funding source designed to assist at-risk youth to reach their full potential. The foundations' mission is to provide grants to philanthropic activities in areas of education, health and fitness, and arts education.