About Us

The Westchester Clubmen was founded in 1959 by a group of African-American men whose families were among the first blacks to move to Westchester County, N.Y. Their aim was to create an organization based on fellowship and networking that would strengthen their bond with each other and within their new community. Early members included esteemed doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs, as well as noted artists such as Cab Callaway and Sidney Poitier.

The organization's charter calls for no more than 30 members, to preserve the intimacy of the group and allow it to remain focused on the needs of their surrounding neighborhoods.

Today, the Clubmen continues to comprise leaders in business, media, medicine, finance and the arts. (Two of the organization's founding members, Drs. Oscar Graves and Alphonso Orr, are still active members of the organization.)

The Clubmen meet regularly to share and discuss issues affecting their families, their community and the nation.

More important, they continue to have an impact on their community - through the Higher Aims program.

One of the early missions of the group was to contribute to the local community by supporting and encouraging the county’s young black men, many of whom were from families less fortunate than their own. In 1968, the group formed the Westchester Clubmen Foundation and launched a program providing minority youth with SAT turtoring and college admissions preparation. In 1991, the Foundation created "Higher Aims" to provide early constructive educational intervention in the lives of young African-American men from economically disadvantaged families.

Today, Higher Aims serves nearly 100 African-American and Latino young men in Westchester County middle and high-schools.

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